Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make it Bolinao: Patar Beach

Slowly alight from the tricycle. Recover from the ride with the breathtaking view, the smell of the sea is stronger, and the sound of the curling waves is louder. Slowly walk to the entrance, and from there, someone will assist you to where you will keep your things. The people are kind and you will feel their warm welcome by their gestures and the cleanliness of the place. The first thing that will catch your attention, there are neither hotels nor cemented rooms. There are enclosed huts made of coconut leaves and bamboo. The rate is 300-500 pesos for the smallest one; three to four persons can fit in it. The huts are equipped with the ordinary lights. Warning for those who are text-savvy, the signal is weak. It only shows, you can absolutely focus on your adventure away from text messaging and calls.

Leave your things in your hut, then, change your clothes, and get ready to swim!

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