Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pansol Pasalubong

Buko pie is a must pasalubong when you visit Pansol. Other specialties are espasol, tamarind, ang pao, carabao’s milk, fruits in season, and many more. Lots of street vendors carry a basketful of pasalubongs which they carry with them when they charge travelers in throngs. Just be wary and observant so that you don’t get robbed. Always ask for a discount. They usually give discounts when you buy more than three. Here are tips that could help you buy pasalubongs effectively and efficiently.

1. Before even going to the pasalubong center, list in the people you really want to give gifts to. With this, you are consciously budgeting your purchase.

2. Go down the line. The stores are just lined together so you can do window- shopping first until you decide which to buy and where.

3. For those buko pies sold by either the large brands or the less known ones, make sure you open the boxes and get to see the pie just to make sure it’s fresh.

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