Monday, May 4, 2009

Make it Pansol, Laguna

This is just the perfect time to go to Pansol, Laguna. The weather is not brazen summer, the rains are cold and the water is hot. Why go to Pansol on a very hot summer like the summers before just to dip into yet hot mineral water pool. Trek to the Pansol, Laguna with office mates, barkada, family or with our one and only to dip into that arthritis and rayuma relief moment. Hot springs in the Pansol, Laguna area abound according to how hot you want to dip your toes into.

Besides hot water, visitors enjoy all night karaoke with friends. Along the hi-way, on can find a lot of native grills to choose from. Chicken, tilapia, pork liempo, hito and other viands are available.

Pansol offers visitors a wide variety of pasalubong. From the buko pies to the espasols, from the variety of sweets and fresh carabao milk. Pansol is a happy day trip to unwind, relax and eat, eat, eat.

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