Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Make it Bolinao: Welcome to Paradise!

Enjoy the smooth ride passing by the Lingayen capital, Sual, Agno till finally you get to your last stop, the Bolinao main proper. Do not forget to prepare yourself for the adrenaline thrill of this paradise. Welcome to Bolinao!

You will be welcomed by the warm smiles of the people and the different atmosphere exuded by the place. As if this is very far a place untouched by the modern living, Bolinao has its own fingerprint. Do not forget to observe the surroundings for a while, its people, the structure, the movements, and the food! Try the bangus of course! Pangasinan is known for its tasty milkfish.

Buy your foods here at very affordable prices. It is more practical to do your marketing in Bolinao than bringing your foods from Manila. Foods are fresh which reaffirm your enjoyment for your next trip to Patar Beach, Bolinao!

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