Friday, May 15, 2009

Make it Bolinao: The Beaches

As you approach the seashore, the sand is whiter and pebble-like in size. This sand when examined closer, are fit with various colors such as red, blue and brownish. At a distance, the color is off-white, somewhat cream-like and fine. The texture is very nice to the feet. To your left, you will see a cliff covered with tall grasses and can easily be climbed. You will also see the waves crashing over the cliff, and as it crashes there, the waves tend to splatter drops of crystals so soothing and thrilling to gaze at. To your right, the seashore curves which is further attenuated by the fast curling of the waves. To the far right, you will also see the crashing of the waves to the huge rocks on the shore.

And most of all, as the waves curl and wet your feet; the coolness is serene. The huge wave which towers almost 5 feet, further adds a thrill to the attraction. Slowly, walk to the sea, and as the waves wet your ankles, then your knees and finally, your whole body, feel the tranquility, the coolness of the water, and as you feel it, you will notice the water seems to offer you a therapeutic massage. And as you emerge from the water, the waves will crash over you, slightly submerging you, gasp for air, swim a bit and let the coolness of the sea devour you. This is Bolinao!

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