Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What to do in Mahayhay?

Although the water is chilly cold, there’s this sense of relaxing and refreshing feeling after you’ve dipped full body into the water, including your head. Water at Mahayhay is like drinking water from clay pot containers that your grandma used to keep drinking water. You can’t do freestyle swimming at Mahayhay and it’s okay if you don’t use Speedo bathing suits. Just make sure that you choose an almost dry spot so to keep your towels dry. After dipping into the water and you can’t take it anymore, you can just wrap your towel around you or start drying yourself. There are public toilets but if there’s just so many people around, the way to change to dry clothes in public is to use a ‘malong’, a big one. This is especially for girls. Just slip into it, let your friends hold it for you and you have an instant concealed dressing room. Now, if you don’t have a friend to help you hold the ‘malong’, you can hold the malong up to your neck and bite the gathered end with your teeth. This needs practice.

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