Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Palawan for the family

The kids are getting older and parents are not getting any younger. The time to take a family vacation is now. Putting off that Palawan trip is practical but sooner or later, there will be this empty nest. Sooner or later, if and when you go as grandparents, getting into a bikini might become a challenge. Palawan is for the family because:

1. Palawan is safe for kids and grand parents. Though it’s an island of adventure, safetyness is a mindset of the whole towns people. They are so much aware that they earn from the tourism industry.

2. Palawan is a myriad of places to go to, sights to see, textures to feel and memories to experience. What better people to experience Palawan with than your own family?

3. Palawan is not necessarily a remote island because Puerto Princesa is a city complete with modern metropolitan city, banking and communication services for both local and international tourists.

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