Thursday, April 2, 2009

Food to bring to a waterfall day tour

1. Sandwiches. Make the sandwiches a filling one. Beef patties would be great because they would be filling. Chicken sandwich lined with lettuce or coleslaw would also be good, tasty and filling.

2. Salads individually packed. The carbohydrates in the pasta for the salad would be helpful to keep you warm while swimming in icy cold river water. Macaroni salad would be perfect.

3. Barbeque rice toppings individually packed. If your brood really need rice or else its not fun, pack it like you’re all going to school so it’s easy to distribute when you’re on top of a boulder under the waterfalls and it’s time for lunch.

4. Chicken pork adobo and rice binalot style. Wrapped in banana, the CPA would be a festive treat under the canopy of an abundant watershed. No need for spoon and forks, the brood can just dig into the CPA, laden with juicy tomatoes with matching salted eggs. A Filipino picnic is no picnic without CPA.

5. Lots of water because it’s not advisable to drink water from the falls.

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