Monday, April 13, 2009

Destination: Cebu

Cebu is still the destination in Visayas. Although other regions in the Visayas has gained increasing interest, Cebu is your entry to the middle part of the country.

Geographically, the island is found in the middle of the country’s Visayan region. From Cebu, it’s only a ferry ride to Ormoc that brings you to Leyte and Samar, to Bohol which is a way to Mindanao, to Iloilo which is a route to adventures in Western Visayas.

Historically, Cebu is a pathway to the country’s past where Spanish colonizers bumped into this paradise and founded social institutions that thrive up till now. These same institutions have continually molded the country’s development to what and where the Filipinos are now.

Economically, Cebu continually bring in local and international tourist because of its accessibility, plenty of accommodation options and beautiful and friendly islanders. Rich Filipino families have supported Cebu propelling it to take on industries that are globally competitive.

Night life, beaches, shopping pleasures are great in this island in the middle of Visayas.

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