Monday, April 20, 2009

Destination: Bohol

Bohol is one of those islands where eco tourism came into being the first. Historical eco tourism efforts can be seen in the wide variety of flora, fauna, land and seascape destinations that tourist from all over the world enjoy and marvel at. Thanks to the superstar Cesar Montano married to Sunshine Cruz who hails from there, Bohol is placed again on the top ten list of islands to go to before you die. Tagbilaran City is not comparable to Cebu. It’s more laid back. The beaches in Panglao are also laid back unlike the up and about energy in Boracay. This laid back ambiance draws in tourist, divers and adventurers who seek nature at its finest.

Whether by plane or by boat, access to Bohol is easy from the North and South. There are people who live in Bohol but work in Cebu. They go home by ferry each weekend just like taking a two-hour bus home.

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