Friday, April 17, 2009

Cebu on a Budget

After booking those cheap flights well ahead of time, you arrive in Cebu with just PHP 3,000. So what to do for two days?

1. Arrive in the morning so that you could go straight to the nearest public beach. There are jeepneys and tricyles that won’t cost you more than 100 pesos to get there.

2. Along the way, buy a half kilo of sumptuous CNT lechon and rice wrapped in banana leaves. Don’t forget a 1.5 liter softdrink. Will cost you about 300 pesos.

3. So you enjoy the sun, the sand and the stars begin to appear which means you have to go back to the city.

4. Dine at those great barbque kiosks and spend 150 pesos on a hearty meal.

5. Book into php 300 to 500 peso per night hotels which are fully airconditioned and clean.

6. The next day, have the usual free breakfast at the hotel and go around the city via jeepney. Visit tabo-an market and spend 500 on dried fish and dried mangoes pasalubong.

7. Visit the nightlife of Cebu and spend for another day or take the last plane out.

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Anonymous said...

i almost gave up on looking for a "300 to 500 peso per night hotels" in cebu city until i bumped into this. can you please help me find them by naming a few.

please send me an email at [email protected]

thanks in advance and more power.