Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cebu has more than meets the eye!

Besides virgin beaches, sparkling nightlife, value shopping and sumptous dining, Cebu has transformed and evolved into a world class destination for both tourists and business. With an international airport, and bridges that connects the small islands, Cebu City has become a metropolis of cities. Currently Metro Cebu has nine cities;

* Cebu City
* Talisay City
* Carcar City
* Naga City
* Toledo City
* Bogo City
* Danao City
* Mandaue City
* Lapu-lapu City

These cities play host to a myriad of local and international events. To date, it has also housed IT and BPO ventures tapping into the strength of English language used in the islands. In Cebu, islanders speak Cebuano and English confidently. Realty development in the island is on an upscale as many migrate to the metropolis where business is fast paced amidst a relaxing environment.

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