Friday, April 3, 2009

Budget visit to Mahayhay

With tight schedules for office workers, Mahayhay is one of the most economical destinations that the barkada can enjoy and definitely afford. It’s an instant paradise for city dwellers because of the tropical rainforest ambiance one would find and feel upon the trek down to the river. It’s very safe since the government had a stairway made to help the visitors trek down easily.

Leave Manila by 4pm. You’ll be at Mahayhay approximately after three and half hours. By 8am, you’ll be settled and camped on top of those big boulders. By 9am, or earlier, you’ll get to start enjoying the cool waters. Have a hearty snack by 10am while you snap shots and finish gigabytes of memory cards on your cam. After photo ops, continue enjoying the river until you just have to come up because your lips are colored white. Have a hearty lunch and take a nap inside rented tents. By 2pm, you either take a last dip or a last snapshot with the barkada before strike down to head for home. Surely, by 6pm, you’re back in Manila dead tired but refreshed.

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