Friday, April 24, 2009

Bohol on Budget

Once you get to Tagbilaran, either via boat or plane, make sure you make it in the morning to maximize your stay. For example you have 5,000 no more no less in between your entrance and exit to Bohol. So here’s a bohol on a budget route.

1. Take a bus to Carmen for less than 40 pesos. Go down the Chocolate Hills of Bohol sites. You need to pay 50 pesos to get a motorcycle to bring you up. Spend an hour or two there, take picture and a 100-peso souvenir.

2. Go down the site, rent a motorcycle for 200 pesos to take you to the river cruise area. On the way there you can stop over the man made forest which is awesome.

3. The river cruise will charge you 500 for a late lunch. It will take you through the emerald green river where most tarsiers inhabit. There are some parts of the river where you can photo and pet a tarsier.

4. Let the motorcycle take you to Tagbilaran. Check in hostels without airconditioning for 300 pesos per head per night. Make sure you get to eat barbque at the nearby restaurants near the pier. It will cost you 150 pesos for a big meal.

5. Either bunk for the night at Tagbilaran or ride the taxi for 250 pesos which takes you to Panglao which is only 20 minutes away.

6. You can chek in at Panglao for 1,000 pesos non-airconditioned non beach side hostel.

7. Talk to banceros and book the sea tour for 2,500 per banca.

8. Wake up early, bring sandwiches and water for snacks and become the sea explorer of your life!

9. By 12 noon or a little past lunch, you’re back in Panglao to savor the clear warm waters, have a 150 peso sand massage before packing for the airport and taking the last trip back to the metropolis.

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