Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I Love Puerto Princesa City

Each time I visit Puerto Princesa, I feel like I’m not in the Philippines but in some international port way back early nineteen hundreds where different people get to be at the right place, at the same time, in deliberate manner, if you get what I mean.
The culture is just so rich because nothing is stagnant. While commercialism slowly creeps into the island, the value systems of the people remain intact. Indigenous groups continue their way of life while interacting with migrant cultures. People speak English which is really a plus for a traveller.

While the rest of the world may come to see Puerto Princesa as a small town in a rustic untouched virgin island boasting of exotic wildlife, it is actually a city sitting in the middle of paradise. There’s internet, cable and nightlife. Foreigners are everywhere which tells of how safe the island is.

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