Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Value travel essentials checklist

It’s pretty handy to have a list of value travel essentials when you travel. Preparation and safetyness are two key ingredients to make the trip successful.

Transpo: to walk, to ride the tricycle, the trysikad, the jeepney, the train, the boat, the ferry, the car, the plane, the bus, the kalesa.

Weather: how sunny, how rainy, how dry, humid, wet, cold, hot or just plain day or night

Currency: can be money, foreign exchange rates, information, contact person, other valueable item that a destination can accept as currency.. example a smiling face.

Stores: where to buy pasalubong, where to buy emergency personal items

Emergency telephone contact: at least the police, the nearest hospital or clinic.

Food: must try to eat and how to eat and how much to try, Basic food survival basics

Shopping: from palengke, where you get most of the value deals to malls, where it’s more expensive most of the time for tourists

Attractions: a list of places to must go to or else you won’t be able to say that you’ve been there

Budget ranges: how much to bring to get value fun, great time, spectacular experience!

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