Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunblock Checklist

People need sunblocks if they get exposed to sunrays at dangerous hours of the day. For tropical regions such as the Philippines, sunshine till 10am is still okay but after that, it’s not going to be nice. Sunburn can actually be dangerous. For travelers to sun hot spots, carrying sunblocks can prove important. Something to protect the skin from harsh rays from the sun that is handy is worth putting it on the checklist.

Check list on the sunblock

1. SPF strength. 15 to 30 is good for everyday use. 30 to 55 is armed to protect you from sun after 10am. 55 to 70 is for much needed sun blocking and protection.

2. Chemical based blocks can irritate sensitive skin and would hurt eyes if the user is not careful. Non-chemical based blocks just sit on the skin without skin absorption.

3. Availability of the sunblock. If you buy sunblocks at the resorts or at the nearest mom and pop stores, there will be less to choose from.

4. Cost. Organic sunblock will be more expensive than the usual chemical ones. Buying a big bottle for the whole family can be less costly. If you just need a small amount, go for the smaller packages rather than get a big one and just let it expire for the rest of the no-vacation months.

5. Brand. If you’re okay with generics, you can go over the counter and ask the pharmacist a good SPF 30. Of course branded sunblocks are also cost effective for safetyness and health.

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