Friday, March 27, 2009

Puerto Galera, overnight!

Puerto Galera is both for family and barkada. It could also be for that solo flyer soul searching. And going overnight is recommended because there are spots like White Beach with night life, and other beaches like the La Laguna Beaches that offer peace and tranquil nights. The night wind itself is memorable. If you’re a metropolitan person, you will love the beaches lullabuy. Spending two days and one night in Puerto Galera does not spell over budgets. At the least, back packers can bring their tents and just pay a few pesos for toilet and bath use. Islanders are basically hospitable and ready to smile and offer to cook your packed canned goods.

Staying overnight gives you a chance to do fun things the second time around. It’s such a frustrating thing when you suddenly discovered the fun in snorkeling at last, but need to go home asap. At beaches like Puerto Galera, time seems to stop for people who need a break. After swimming, diving, snorkeling, massage and cool halo-halo, you realize it’s far from lunch. Puerto Galera is a blessing to ManileƱos because it is near, affordable and beautiful during the day and during the night.

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