Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Puerta Princesa: Port of Princess Eulalia

This strategic port was named after Princess Eulalia of Spain way back eighteen hundreds when Don Jose Sostao and about 300 Spanish settlers found the island and admired the island’s cleanliness and existing organized communities. Much of these historical stories can be found in the Palawan Museum in Puerto Princesa.

I imagine a beautiful Princess walking the beautiful sands of this special island. It’s really more than a port. It’s a welcoming hub for different traders that have evolved into a dock for both local and foreign tourists. I enjoy both the quiet nature immersions where one could just stroll and breath in the fresh air from the forests. I also enjoy the wildlife eco tours that many visitors look forward to. My family enjoys the island hoppings that gives so much relaxation specially if you’re so stressed out from the traffic and hurried life in the metropolis. Given a chance, I’d always make it Palawan.

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