Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicole went to Mahayhay Waterfalls last 2007 and here’s what she thinks of it

“Bringing my three kids to Mahayhay was an adventure because my oldest is ten, my youngest is three, and we had to climb down slippery stairs, a good 30 minutes. Well, it seemed 30 minutes. We couldn’t decide whether to get our umbrellas or just let the drizzling rain make us all wet even before we took a dip in the river. There were lots of people there and it was so crowded. But I had to brave the adventure because we were already there and there’s no turning back.

It was Good Friday and so we really expected there will be lots of people. Although it may seems unruly, and unorganized, the site of the military made me feel safe. Some of the campers had more than a few beers and were starting to get the public’s attention. But other than that, it was basically fun for the kids because it was a new experience for them. The water was cold and refreshing. I got less chances to see how beautiful the waterfalls was because I had to be alert with my surroundings. There was no private area there. The rock you stepped on was the rock you camp on. It was a day trip anyway so the excitement from the adventure was enough to last my kids a week.”

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