Thursday, March 5, 2009


Can you believe that you can buy Gindara in Puerto Princesa for PHP 100 a kilo! My friend had to take home five kilos to believe it. Of course I warned her not to cook and devour all five kilos lest I remove all my big and small intestines with the oil cleansing power of Gindara.

Gindara is such a succulent fish. It is also called the butterfish because it melts in your mouth. You can fry, steam, grill and kilaw the fish. It will be tasty ay which way. The Gindara is a favorite offering to visitors to the island. The reputation that Gindara has holds. One would really have the best and most spectacular bowel movement and oily farting ever, after eating Gindara. It’s advisable to stay indoors for a day or two after eating this fantastic fish.

Another way to enjoy this fish is to eat two matchbox sizes only. It will have minimal bowel movement effects the next day. As the doctor says, anything more is bad.

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