Monday, March 30, 2009

Destination: Mahayhay Waterfalls

Value travel essentials checklist:


Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna
San Pablo, Nagcarlan, Liliw

Weather: Even if it’s mighty sunny en route to the falls, when you get there, it’s always raining and an umbrella won’t help. So be ready to get wet from the start of the trek going down the river until you go home.

Currency: It’s best to bring peso. Keep your wallets water proof and close to you since there can be so many people and it could get quite crowded.

Stores: There are lots of sari-sari stores (mom and pop store) for food and basic essentials before you trek down the stairways to the river so it’s either you bring your essentials or load up before the trek down.

Emergency telephone contact: The Philippine Military is stationed there and you will really feel that reaction to emergency situations is fast.

Food: There’s nothing so special except the different kinds of adobo brought by visitors who prepared their picnic baskets. If you plan to rent a tent or pitch one, better bring food. Some families enjoy grilling on top of the big boulders, cool!

Shopping: Souvenir items are available but not really that fantastic.

Attractions: There are attractions enroute to the falls but these are mostly churches.

Budget ranges: If you take the public transport, from San Pablo, go to Nagcarlan. From there, take a tricycle to Brgy. Gagalot. Entrance fee is just PHP 35.00 per head. If it’s just a day trip, and you bring your own sandwiches, the trip won’t cost you more than 1,000 per head. But if it’s overnight, you have to rent rooms which doesn’t go beyond 1,000 as well for a group. Budget PHP 3,000 and you’re going to have a swell time. If you’re coming from Manila with your barkada, better chip in to rent a van.

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