Friday, March 20, 2009

Check Your Teeth

So you’ve prepared that much needed vacation. All travel, clothing, accommodations, food, tour, and brick-a-bracks are all in place. Then you arrive at the destination of your heart. And then in the middle of a sumptuous island snack, your teeth ache. It’s that sore tooth that bothers you from time to time. And this time, it bothers you right smack in the middle of your vacation. This is not good. It’s not good because no amount of paracetamol will take you back to the full enjoyment of your vacation. In Filipino, “ang sakit ng bagang ay sakit ng buong katawan!” And there you go just trudging along the rest of the gang while you nurse that tooth, aching for the dentist back home. The tooth fairy warns… check your teeth before taking that great vacation of your life.

Has this happened to you? Tell me about it!

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