Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Camera Ready

So you now have a brand new digital camera that can take thousands of pictures. Congratulations! You now have another thing to organize and de-clutter. But that’s okay because one nice thing about traveling is documenting those once in a lifetime memories in your memory card. Here are value tips about memory cards that can save you agonies when you’re in the middle of a great and spectacular view and suddenly you’ve run out of gigabytes.

1. Know the high resolution and low-resolution settings of your cam. High-resolution settings will definitely eat up memory space.

2. If and when you get a time out, try to delete photos that you don’t like so that you won’t take time erasing the pictures just so to get more space while your subject wait with frozen smiles.

3. Always recharge your batteries whenever you can. Being wired up has a downside and one is making sure that you plug these gadgets before going to sleep so that your gadgets are as ready to go as you when the next day comes.

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