Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Destinations for New Graduates

Graduation can be the coolest thing that will ever happen to a college student. No more books! No more exams! And best of all, no more professors! Not to spoil the excitement though, graduation also marks the beginning of job hunts, which also means, no more allowance from mom and dad. And so between Graduation and the Job Hunt of your life, is the last Vacation as a student. And this means something special with your barkada who can be as broke as you. But never fear, the value hunter is here! For Manila co-eds, some of the most sulit destinations to go from Manila to have that last Vacation get together is Puerto Galera, Mahayhay Falls, Laiya Beach or Sariaya. This week, we tackle value hunts to Puerto Galera, Mindoro!

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