Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer time at Water Camp

(Article contributed by Joanne de Peralta)

Although the weather is still quite cold, it is now officially summertime. Swimsuits and trunks are out again in the open. Colorful floats and beach balls are once again inflated ready for the big splash.

My family decided to warmly welcome the summer early while everyone else are still snoozing in the cold nights of February. The announcement of a long weekend holiday to commemorate the EDSA anniversary became a perfect date for us. With more than five kids under 7 years of age in tow, we carefully chose a resort where they can freely swim, play and bask in the sun safe and without too much worry from the kids’ respective parents. And so we ended up in Water Camp Resort in Kawit, Cavite.

Water Camp was just less than an hour drive from Makati since we traveled early in the morning. My other siblings came from Imus in Cavite so getting to the resort was not a problem. We got two family deluxe units of water camp inns that can accommodate 5 persons each room. 24 hours stay cost us only Php2800 with 2 free entrance fees already. Entrance fee is Php150 for weekends (180 during the summer). The rates are reasonable given that the resort is well kept. They have ample staff to service room occupants. They also have at least two lifeguards per pool at any given time who were really strict in implementing safety precautions in the pool area. This makes it a lot easier for us to watch over our tazmanian devils playing in the 2ft deep pools.

As for Water Camp’s facilities, I love the lazy river. The 160-meter river-like pool goes around the resort pumped with water current. We enjoyed the flowing water while on the floats without having to paddle. The kids loved it too. Mandy, my 4 year old daughter says, “mama, it feels like im on a boat”. My 3-year old son Miggy on the other hand, feels sleepy while going around the lazy river on board his inflatable surfboard. The downside though is we always have crying bouts everytime I need to take them out of the water for some rest or food.

The kiddie pool too is like no other. They have a play area right smack in the middle. There are slides, mushroom-like gooey gizers and the endless sprinklers all over. It’s a picture perfect scene because they are painted with bright colors --- such a treat for kids! It feels like a party all the time.

For the teens and adults in the group, there’s also a 5ft pool and two towering slides for an exhilarating splash. Of course, food has got to be great. The resort allows you to bring in your own food and drinks except for alcoholic beverages. They impose a limit to each room up to 10 cans of beer only, which is also good avoiding unruly drunk groups within the premises of the resort.

All in all it was a fun way to greet summer hello. Water Camp provides a relaxed ambiance but still offers great activities for families.


Reina said...

Good for people to know.

Tagaytay Hotels said...

Wow. You really enjoyed your summer in Water Camp. Wish I can go there too.

Anonymous said...

can we bring our own food?

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I have read the website and having a party for kids there is good!!!